mercredi 5 octobre 2016

China real estate market has become the “biggest bubble in history.”

Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin told CNN Money Thursday that the real estate market of the country has become "the biggest bubble in history."


"I do not see a good solution to this problem. The government has developed all kinds of measures - limit the purchase or credit - but none have worked, "warned Wang. His own investment group was changing resource properties, and in entertainment, sports and tourism - including evidence acquire Hollywood studio Legendary Entertainment, Carmike Cinemas cinema chain, and can -be soon Dick Clark Productions. CNN noted his great dream is to buy one of the studios "Big Six" of cinema, such as 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures. The problem with China's real estate, as Wang sees, is that too many properties in small towns are unoccupied, while prices of major cities are skyrocketing, which creates a lot of consumer debt - about $ 3600000000000 in US dollars. He thinks that the Chinese economy is still too weak for the collapse of the stock market last year to deal with the debt bubble.

 "China has a love-hate relationship with the real estate market. Recently, he tried to cool the overheated market in large cities with restrictions on home sales, even to punish the realtors that the market hype "reports Business Insider.

"Yet government efforts did not slow the market much, with property sales growing 31.8% in August compared to a year ago." Back in April, Forbes speculated that China's housing bubble did not burst because the government maintains tight controls on the market, using any regulations for interest rates to handle the construction and commercial real estate. A key feature of the Chinese market is that "the conditions that caused the US housing crash in 2008 simply does not exist in China, things like subprime mortgages and securities backed by mortgages are either prohibited or are otherwise not widespread. " This is because the Chinese home buyers must make huge down payments - 30 percent for a first home, up to 50 percent for a second, and it can be even higher when the government wants to cool the housing market down. Qualifying for a loan can be very difficult. In fact, citizens are actually considered "buyers" or "non-buyers" and only by meeting certain requirements, such as paying tax on income in a particular area for several years, can a "non- buyer "become a" buyer ". It is interesting that the American left, who admires so resolutely Chinese authoritarianism in many other social and economic areas, remains committed to the idea that "social justice" is equal to easy loans, and the increase in property evoke prosperity of thin air. In any case, Wang appears to disagree with the assertion of Forbes that the Chinese market is immune to burst the bubble, or at least cushioned against the effects. The Chinese stock market collapse was supposed to be impossible, too.

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dimanche 19 juin 2016

Real Estate for Chinese investor is just crazzy !

Real Estate in Dubai for Chinese investor is just crazzy !

Dalian Wanda Group, one of China's largest developers

Among the deals , Dalian Wanda Group, one of China's largest developers have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) earlier this year with the Haryana government to develop "Wanda Industrial New City" involving an investment of $ 10 billion over 10 years. An agreement signed between China Fortune Land Development Company Private Limited (DLFC) and the state of Haryana will see large format industrial parks in the state. Gezhouba, another Chinese constructivist leading ..

It seems like 100% FDI allowed in the real estate development sector in India has caught the fancy of Japanese and Chinese investors.
Real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) reported that Japanese investors will make investments worth $2 billion in the next three years in industrial and residential projects. The Indian property market is becoming a major investment ground for Chinese and Japanese developers, said JLL.

Chinese investors in real Estate

 Japanese and Chinese private investors also looking to enter the real estate industry in India. Japanese developers are eager to explore strategic partnerships and joint ventures with Indian manufacturers and are particularly interested in industrial projects. , According to media reports, Phase I construction of "Wanda Industrial New City" is likely to begin in 2016 and will be spread over 1300 hectares. It will include an industrial park will host What enterprise industries such as various software, automobile manufacturing, machinery, health care, education and other industries. The first phase is scheduled to be completed in the next 3-5 years. foreign developers will also look into partnership with their Indian counterparts. Interestingly, large residential projects are particularly interesting for other Chinese developers. It remains to see if the class of commercial assets on their radar gets passed in the near future. Increased participation of foreign players should help in the development of quality projects, which will benefit end users and simultaneously create opportunities for Indian investors too.

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jeudi 3 décembre 2015

Airpocalypse in Beijing !

December 1st was a day of "airpocalypse" in Beijing. Night during the day. And rather alarming data: an index of air quality (AQI) of 619 and a fine particle rate of 680 micrograms per cubic meter, nearly 30 times the maximum threshold recommended by WHO in ... Despite these record levels, the alert was held to orange above the maximum level red.

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Beijing fight again the pollution ! 

Over a thousand factories were ordered to close. The Chinese blogosphere, it oscillates between laughter and tears are flowing known pictures of tourist sites including the iconic monuments and buildings, invisible behind the thick fog, were redesigned in pencil. At the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, hard to say if there are more people on this day of pollution: the room of inhalations is not full. Parents are their child breathe in a rubber tip connected by a hose to a tank so - it is not oxygen, but a drug mixture. The Li family from the south of Beijing, has spent half past one in traffic. 1 year of their baby has trouble breathing. Pollution has made things worse. Sometimes Mr. Li thinks Relocate "When our son grows up, maybe we will go to Guangxi [China Southern province]," says thoughtfully this father.

Chine : comprendre l'ampleur de la pollution en... par lemondefr

The Pollution the big challenge for China ! 

The challenge is to enable people to improve their level of protection and secure their interior. "We want to make it livable for Beijing as many people as possible" claims Yann. Their device goes on sale in January. Meanwhile, the young entrepreneur went himself with people who ask him to educate - he made ten visits a week. We follow him with Madame Shao, a housewife of 37 years, very active and conscious environmental challenges. Yet Ms. Shao has somewhat underestimated the capabilities of its air purifier. The device indicates Yann 190 micrograms per cubic meter. The filter is used and the device is not sufficient for the apartment. In addition, the "pollutiomètre" indicates 700 micrograms per cubic meter near the humidifier - including water is not purified. The mother does not want to do too much, she thinks he must also "adapt to living conditions in Beijing." But the diagnosis was motivated to "secure" more his home. In his circle of educated women in the home, some panic: a neighbor this morning took a flight to the tropical island of Hainan. Over thirty measuring stations

The small fitness club Zhang is even worse off than Ms. Shao. Sensitive to pollution, this pattern has invested in an air purifier and is rather proud. But with winter heating, he and his fitness instructors often open the window or the door - or the hallways of the buildings a brew often more polluted air than outdoors. Result: an indicator of the air quality of 400 micrograms per cubic meter indoors. Again, the purifier is insufficient. And air inlets too many

Air pollution in Beijing is Too Much according to expatriates

The air pollution every day, and still less an episode of "airpocalypse" like that of the past few days, asked about measures to protect themselves. The recommendations are to "stay inside". But without purifier, the air is in reality as poor quality and out, explain a teacher at Tailormadecc.
 And there is often little better with a purifier if the apartment is not effectively insulated. In this area, Beijing has become a hotbed of innovation: all sorts of initiatives have emerged. A Swiss has developed a kind of "pollutiomètre" a very cheap meter (about 50 euros). Professionals offer to expatriates quotes pollution for several hundred euros. The French Yann Boquillod and Herve Robin, they have launched their own application, AirVisual. This gives the air quality in Beijing and 5000 cities around the world and provides forecasts to three days. "We model the weather and pollution data. An algorithm based on artificial intelligence learns the results to draw constantly new conclusions, "says Yann. Their start-up is also in the process of developing a personal device for measuring the quality of accurate and affordable air.

The small fitness club Zhang is even worse off than Ms. Shao. Sensitive to pollution, this pattern has invested in an air purifier and is rather proud. But with winter heating, he and his fitness instructors often open the window or the door - or the hallways of the buildings a brew often more polluted air than outdoors. Result: an indicator of the air quality of 400 micrograms per cubic meter indoors. Again, the purifier is insufficient. And air inlets too many.

mercredi 2 décembre 2015

Brother Nuts an artist in Beijing using vacuum clearn to make a Brick with Pollution air

A Chinese artist calling himself, "Brother Nuts" (坚果 兄弟) walked the streets of Beijing with a vacuum cleaner, recovering fine particles and dust suspended in the air to make a brick. At a rate of four hours per day, using a vacuum cleaner 1000 watts, he spent 100 days to walk the streets of the Chinese capital. In the end, he managed to make a brick composed of smog symbol of pollution that has reached sad records in recent days.

 The artist testified that when he walked the streets of his city, passersby expressed their gratitude, thinking it was used to control the air quality ... even cleaning.

dimanche 4 octobre 2015

Beijing China news

What do you need to know in China ? 

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vendredi 4 septembre 2015

Unigroup’s Micron Bid Dead !

Unigroup’s Micron Bid Dead !

The latest downbeat remarks from Unigroup’s chairman after a visit to the US indicate the company has given up on its bid to buy Micron, though it could potentially relaunch the effort after next year’s presidential elections.

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