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Myanmar - China real Estate !

Myanmar - China Real Estate ! 

Chinese companies account for a third of the nearly $ 44 billion of foreign investment in Myanmar has approved since 1988 , highlighting the long history of China's dominant position in its neighboring Southeast Asian poor .

Chinese Investment ! 

The period beginning in 1988 and ending September 30 of this year has seen Chinese companies invest $ 14.19 billion in Myanmar , which represents 32 percent of the $ 43.74 billion total foreign investment, the Burmese government approved in the period. China also leads in terms of actual investment of $ 14.12 billion , or nearly 42 percent of the total $ 33.67 billion, according to figures Mizzima , a Myanmar newspaper, obtained from the Investment Commission of Myanmar ( chart below) .sources

The area in which most investment has been approved is electricity to more than $ 19 billion , or nearly 44 percent of the total. The sector received $ 13.21 billion in real investment but despite the generosity , Myanmar is still largely disconnected more than 70 percent of its 60 million citizens in the dark.
Oil and Gas topped the list of real investment sector with $ 13.63 billion, more than 40 per cent, while electricity monitors and mining occupies a distant third with only $ 2 31 billion .

Asian Investment in Myanmar ! 

After China , Thailand is the largest investor in Myanmar with approved $ 9.98 million. Hong Kong, Britain , South Korea , Singapore and Malaysia are the main investors and . The United States ranks 13th in terms of investment , with a total of $ 243 million .

 Thailand - Myanmar !

However, Thailand seems to have the habit of overpromising Myanmar - Thai real investment totaled only $ 2.88 billion , less than a third of the approved investment. Hong Kong , on the other hand, has invested $ 6.37 billion from $ 6.46 billion , was approved .
Other top industries for Myanmar received foreign investment include manufacturing, hotels and tourism and real estate.source NYT
China has invested mainly in hydroelectric dams , mining projects and pipeline oil and gas that is now in operation . Many of these projects have benefited from China over Myanmar , causing protests and attract criticism from the local population and similar international activists .
" Beijing investment is mainly resources and energy project ," said Sean Turnell , an economics professor at Macquarie University in Sydney, the Chiangrai Times, a Thai newspaper. " It is mostly take things on earth or take energy from Burma and China, with China as the largest consumer . "
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  1. very very interesting What have we got going on here with these cash sales? They’re phenomenal, up in excess of a million, two million dollars.