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Rent an apartment in Xidan and Fuxingmen

Most of the expatriates in Beijing live in the east of the city, in the districts centered on Chaoyang, but there is important economic and administrative activity in the west as well, and one of the most important places in Beijing is located at the West of the Changan avenue, with Xidan and the Finance Street up to Fuxingmen.

All these places are located in the Xichang district of Beijing, this is not far from the seats of many Chinese administrations and central power, the Tiananmen place is not far at the west.

Let's say it, this is an important landmark in Beijing, with business hubs and banks, as well as a large shopping mall area in Xidan. Chinese people love to get there, foreign people in Beijing not so much, but Xidan is an area that counts and you may have to live there for professionnal reasons.

Close to Jirong Jie : Beijing's Financial Street.

Beijing is not one of mainland China's most important financial centers, but still there is quite important financial institutions there. Finance in China in settled in other cities , Shanghai and Shenzhen, but central banks authorities that have authority on the Chinese financial and monetary system are in Beijing. Insurance companies are located there too, so this is actually a really important financial center.

Some foreign companies such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and UBS are there.

However, there is not enough foreigners in this area to attract any international school, this is definitely not a place suited for expat with kids.

One of the main shopping place in Beijing

For centuries, this area has had a very intense commercial activity. You have now many of the most luxurious shopping mall in Beijing and China there, among the mst famous ones, the Xidan Joy City, Seasons Place, Grand Pacific, lines up in Xidan, which is quite impressive to see with sophisticated lightnings at night. The very last of those shopping place is the Galeries Lafayette that have opened their Chinese flagshipstore there.

This is a place for culture with many theaters around, especially the magnificient National Center for Performing Arts, also called the Beijing Opera House, the largest bookshop in Beijing, Xidan Bookstore and many other venues.

If you chose to live in Xidan, yo may consider the following places :

Feng Qiao Apartment 丰侨公寓,
Feng Hui Yan 丰汇园.
Tai Yang Yuan 太阳
West Endpoint 西城晶华,
Feng Qiao Apartment 丰侨公寓,
Feng Hui Yan 丰汇园.

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