jeudi 17 avril 2014

Beijing luxury trip - fascinated by the sky bar , open-air party

Beijing luxury trip - fascinated by the sky bar , open-air party

Since the opening of the Beijing International Trade III has been chasing, International Trade Building, the tallest building in Beijing in this hotel , you can see the whole picture of the Forbidden City . This full moon and a girl to be a charm , because this is Beijing restaurant nearest place from the moon .

From the 80th floor of the cloud looked out the cool bars , rectangular structure of Beijing 's urban area is clearly visible , straight Chang'an Avenue distant gaze toward Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City . It is said that since the opening of Traders Hotel , located on the 80th floor of the " highest pub capital " and " capital highest restaurant" became the 79th floor of the whole Beijing 's most popular dating sites , we want to experience in the building is said to " be able to against the plane hit , "the rise in the dining feel.

Bars and restaurants were designed with purple and red as the keynote, 80 focus reflects the sky like a light layer of feeling , 79 layer is designed with simplicity and style masculine metaphor earth. Two floors connected by a spiral staircase length , expressing intersection of yin and yang , heaven and earth interlinked meaning. In fact, when you look out at the top when the International Trade Building , does not tell here is the day , or ground , you just knew that he was a gesture overlook things .

Lounge best suited to leisurely enjoy the lazy moments , but also embrace the capital commanding unrivaled views of the city . Lounge offers a full range of tea and a selection of colorful cocktails, afternoon snacks are a dazzling array of international and local flavors blend , wonderful taste indescribable .

Tips Address: Beijing Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue
Phone 010 -65052299 .
Per capita consumption : 260 yuan
Location: 80th floor
Hours: 12:00 - 02:00 .

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