mercredi 30 avril 2014

An American Beijing renting experience

An American Beijing renting experience

I came to Beijing five years ago , when I first came I always kept changing hotels, average hotel stay is less than two weeks . When I was in Beijing to stay longer than three weeks , I began to consider to rent an apartment.

After some time, a comprehensive balance, due to the previous rent spending too much, at least $ 1,500 a month , I think an ordinary Beijing citizens do just fine .

First, consider the location of residence , in order to facilitate the work I'm going to rent a house in the Chaoyang District . And in Europe, in China , I have found a few of the rental company . I have repeatedly stressed to the leasing company's employees said that to ensure the safety of European-style interior , but many times they took me when I was disappointed Qukan Fang . Only a few times, the room inside is not bad, but the whole floor too shabby .

Finally , I found the rental companies to choose the right is more important than choosing the right house , then I would choose to rent in Chaoyang Garden, because the safety and security of the community , cleaning services , property management and fitness center gave me a very good impression. More importantly, the convenience of the community transport , as long as 15 minutes to International Trade .

Lived 18 months later , I found the apartment soundproofing is not good, then if the apartment street noise on the road so that you are hard to sleep at night . And the road is not the best choice for me to ITC . However, the fitness center is quite satisfactory.

Personally, I prefer to pay more money, better service , what are the requirements , the landlord can respond promptly.

I recommend renting in Beijing two months to live after the first test and then decide whether to sign an annual contract , but it is best not to sign a contract more than one year , which is considered a bargain with the landlord by next year . Also to be considered is in the same area you live in the supermarket or the newly added high-rise , which could have caused the area you live good or bad influence .

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