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More and more chinese buyers of apartments in USA

More and more chinese buyers of apartments in USA

It is still a long way from Chinese to USA Florida , but a growing number of Asians join the crowd of foreign investors buying real estate in Florida, according to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, in cooperation with Florida Realtors.

China & Florida real estate

While still a minor player in Florida real estate , China joined the Latin American countries like Venezuela , Brazil and Argentina to become a growing source of buyers of foreign nationality in the state, the survey found. Meanwhile , Europeans in the UK , Germany and France " have figured prominently less than in previous years .''
The number of real estate transactions in Florida by foreigners fell by 15.8 percent to 22,572 to 26,806 a year earlier , the study says . Foreign sales total still increased 3.8 percent to 6.43 billion from 6.20 billion a year earlier , reflecting higher prices.
Among all foreign sales , the Miami area accounted for 21.1 per cent for the year ended in August , followed by the Orlando -Kissimmee area , representing 13.5 percent and greater Fort Lauderdale, which accounted for 8.5 percent .
Canadians continued to lead the pack among foreigners purchasing real estate in Florida, which represents about 30 percent of foreign sales in Florida, while the Venezuelans have reached 8 percent, the investigation 977 Realtors July 9 at 16 Aug revealed.

What about Miami ? 

Chinese Rich People accounted for 11 percent of foreign purchases in the Fort Lauderdale area in the past year ( a surprising discovery some realtors surveyed ), 10 percent of people in the greater Orlando area , and 5 percent in Miami, according to the survey .
A Japanese broker real estate, which represents 10 buyers and accompanied by a translator and advisor , recently signed deals for 10 units at nine o'clock, a new condominium project under construction above Mary Brickell Village center Miami city .
the perosnla GM of Fortune International, which is marketing the project , told the visitors left , the broker " was asked if he has 10 other friends in a month, I would follow the same price I said. : " Let's see if I units ," and he was very excited . "

Defortuna says a Chinese visitor recently signed to a unit pre - construction condominium Signature Jade in Sunny Isles Beach. The architect of this project , Herzog & De Meuron , is well known in China, since the firm was also the National Stadium for the Beijing Olympics in 2008 , Defortuna said.
"They really have money" awakened them later .

" This is something from another buyer , a buyer who was attracted to New York. Now he ran .''

Others agree that Miami is now on the radar of Chinese. 

"Interest in Miami in general highest in Asia , and the consciousness of Miami as an international gateway has also increased ,'' said Stephen Owens , president of Swire Properties Inc. This is the U.S. subsidiary of Hong Kong Swire Properties Ltd. , which is building Brickell CityCentre , a company $ 1 billion that combines shopping, living , entertainment and workspace should transform the look of downtown Miami and feel .
Swire has recently doubled down on his bet Miami with his purchase of the property 700 Brickell , where he plans to develop a further investment of nearly $ 1 billion , 80-story , mixed-use tower as the second phase of redesigning the city center.
" The interest in Cjo,ese in general is in place, but also from Canada and within the United States ," said this person. " So the dependence of Miami on Latin America  for investment  is changing .''
Institutional projects such as Swire ya , of course, distinct from the purchase of houses that make up much of the structure of international investment in real estate in Florida.

 Chinese Malaysian

However , many people see the presence of Swire - and that of Genting , the Malaysian giant acquired the former headquarters of the Miami Herald in 2011 and Omni neighboring property for redevelopment - drawing more Asian investment in the region.
" Money follows money ," said the founder of Cervera Real Estate, a brokerage that sells Miami pre-construction luxury condominium projects for many developers . "We are at a tipping point ," she said, with the expansion of the Panama Canal and the deepening of the Port of Miami to accommodate larger ships , developments that will boost Asian focus on region. " The missing piece of the puzzle is a direct flight. "
The Miami Association of Realtors works hard to prime the pump. Among other things , Teresa King Kinney, real estate  , joined a trade mission this year in Hong Kong and Singapore to promote the Miami market . The Realtors group plans to host a team of Chinese television to film the Miami market for a promotional program.

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