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Rent an apartment in Liangmaqiao

You are looking or an apartment well located, close to Beijing business hubs, not too far from the historical center, with international schools, the Beijing international airport easy to reach, with a large expatriate community, not far from Sanlitun and its night life and close to the foreign embassies? You are looking for an apartment to rent in Liangmaqiao.

Foreigners sometime call this area “Lufthansa”, because of the very large shopping mall there, located in the Lufthansa building, one of the first foreign shopping malls that has been settled in Beijing, and is still an important landmark named after the german airline that has its Beijing office in the building.

The liangmaqiao area is known above all for its embassies, this is the diplmatic area of Beijing, this includes many of the major ones such as the embassies of the United-States, Japan, South Korea, France, Israel, India, Qatar, Malaysia

The area is a bit compartimentalized; because of large avenues and unoccupied land mixed with the security of the embassies. One of the drawbacks of living there is the dificulty to circulate in the neughborhood.

You have some attractions there, such as the “Lady Street”, Nuren Jie, a place dedicated to wmen's clothes where you can find anything, bargain, buy various qualities of stuff and have fun.

The Solana commercial center next to Liangmaqiao is a major landmark in Beijing, with dozens of restaurants of all kinds, Chinese, western, Asian, large shops with all the international major brands in a large area you can stroll quietly with your children.

Another curiosity, the Liangma flower market.

Two important international schools in the area: the Canadian school and the German school.

Here is a list of Apartment compounds in Liangmaqiao:

Mixxion 九都汇
US United Apartments US 联邦公寓,
Beijing Garden 北京花园, 
Landmark Palace 亮马名居
Concordia Plaza 嘉和丽园,
Somerset Fortune Garden 福景苑 
Four Seasons 四季世家 
Liangmaqiao DRC 亮马桥外交公寓 
Guang Ming Apartments 光明公寓.
Ocean Express 远洋新干线 
Ocean Honored Château 远洋公馆
No. 8 Palace 霄云里八号 
No. 8 Royal Park 霄云路八号 

You'll see more details and links to descriptions here, or search on the various websites.


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