mardi 29 octobre 2013

Serviced apartments to rent in Beijing CBD

The place in Beijing that is most suited to serviced apartments is Beijing CBD. This is the city's business hub, with Fortune 500 companies settlements in Beijing (sometimes their China's headquarter, 100 of those companies have office in the Beijing CBD).

The Beijing CBD project has been an amazing urban lansdcape change in 10 years. The project was launched in 2000 and since then everything is going very fast. The most iconic tower in this project is currently the CCTV tower and its design that was a tremendous challenge for structure engineers.

Actually more tha half of foreign companies in Beijing are located in this area, at the point that it is difficult to plan the future for the area with so much activity. The Beijing CBD needs to be extended, and solutions are being found up north in Wangjing, while IT companies are favored to move to Zhogguancun, in the west of Beijing.

There is currently even embassies in the area, if the original diplomatic district was in Sanlitun, it has moved and now embassies are spreading across Beijing. In Jianguomen, close to this area you find embassies of Great Britain, Koweit, Thailand, Mongolia.

This is a logical place to rent a serviced apartment in Beijing, and currently you can find the following compounds with very high end serviced apartments. Visit this page for more links.

Serviced apartments around Central Park

The core of Beijing CBD, with the nice Central Park restaurant area for a western luch in Beijing. The compounds are:

  • Jing Guang Center 京广中心
  • Kerry Residence 嘉里中心(北京嘉里公寓)

Serviced apartments in Guomao

The most impressive towers in CBD with the China World Trade Center Tower III.
You can rent serviced apartmets in:

  • China World Apartments 国贸公寓 ,

Serviced apartments close to Ritan Park

A pleasant large park in the east of Beijing, you might like the following compound:

  • Asia Pacific Building 亚太大厦.

Serviced apartments in the Hujialu area

At the limit of the CBD, a nice place with parks. Here are the best compounds:

  • Forte International Apartment 复地国际公寓,
  • Riverside Baroque Palace 山水铂宫酒店式服务公寓,

Serviced apartments in the Hujialu area

West of the Beijing CBD, a large choice for services apartments:

  • The St Regis (St Regis Residence) 国际俱乐部,
  • Meihua Century International 美华世纪公寓,
  • Luxury Apartment 丽舍公寓,
  • Center Service Apartment 长安驿公寓.

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