mardi 22 octobre 2013

New warning system for pollution in Beijing

Pollution in China does not seem to go much better these days, but there is definitively something new this year : the Beijing authorities put this problem forward and do not try to deny it at any price. New measures are being implemented.

The worst case month so far has been january 2013 in Beijing, but the month of october has been quite grey too and the people coming from all over China as tourists during the national holidays have witnessed a grey skyline (let s say no skyline at all).

This was a strange event that the first golf tournament to be held in China to see the competitors wearing masks to avoid the worst effects of pollution on the lungs.

The Beijing and Tianjin authoroties have decided new measures, a red alert in case of pollution, which means 3 days with heavy rate of microparticles in the air. In this case, half the cars would be prevented from circulating on the streets as long as the red alert lasts.

Public transportation would be strenghtened and schools closed.

Another level would make a list of 300 factories around Beijing to close for a few days.

The announcement also made of Zhao Huimin , a member of the municipal administration to become a star in China when he explained that the fact that Chinese people cook a lot a fry things in their kitchen is a part of the explanation why there is pollution in Beijing. Quickly the Beijing municipal bureau stated that it was inaccurate but there was a lot of laughter around in the public.

The plan as a whole is much more ambitious since cars in Beijing would be limited at 6 millions, maximum to be reached in 2017 (actually there is already 5.3 million cars in tthe streets), the promotion of smaller cars, in addition to the list of 1.200 compa,ies that would have to adopt measures.

The great issue with the fight against pollution in China is that more and more cities are concerned with the development of the country and the emerginbg of a new lifestyle, so that theis kind of measures will have to be implemented everywhere, something that could harm the economic devemlopement of the country that relies on manufacturing and car isdustry to sustain growth in the future.

The measures thar will have to be taken are not easy to design and this is a true challnege for China.

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