vendredi 28 mars 2014

Americans in Beijing rental experience

Anthony, a Multi-National Corporation's chief representative in Beijing, 33 years old.

I came to Beijing five years ago, the first time I always kept in the hotel, each hotel in less than two weeks. When I stay in Beijing for more than three weeks, I began to consider to rent an apartment.

After a period of time, integrated weigh the advantages and disadvantages, because before the rent costs too much, at least a month to $1500, I want to do an ordinary Beijing residents is good.

First consider the residential lots, in order to facilitate the office I plan to rent a house in Chaoyang District. And Europe, in Chinese I found several house leasing company. I have repeatedly stressed that the leasing company staff to ensure the safety of indoor decoration, European style style, but many times they took me greatly disappoint one's hopes to house. Only a few times, the room is good, but the whole building too shabby.

Finally, I find suitable housing rental company than to choose a suitable house some of the more important, then I will choose to rent in Chaoyang Garden, because the security, the community cleaning services, property management and fitness center has left me a very good impression. More important is the community convenient transportation, only 15 minutes to China World Trade Center.

For 18 months later, I found the apartment soundproofed not too good, if the apartment on the street noise on the road, let you night difficult to sleep. And the road is not my best choice of China World Trade Center. But the fitness center is satisfactory.

Personally, I like to pay some money, service better, what are the requirements, the landlord can reply in a timely manner.

I suggest that the rent in Beijing would be the first to try to live after two months and then decide whether or not to sign the contract, but it is best not to sign the contract of a year of above, this is considered a year can bargain with the landlord. But to consider is the new increase in the same region or supermarket building you live by, or good or bad influence that could live on your area.

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