jeudi 20 mars 2014

Beijing hitting Hostel

Beijing hitting Hostel Qianmen Inn

Prior Guest House is a hostel in a hutong , Xuanwu District , in the heart of protected areas. The building of the guest house from the year 1875 to the end of the Qing dynasty , was a first-class clubs , particularly those affected by the late Qing celebrities of all ages ! Its architecture is a yard to two in style , riding the floor. In 2006, we have a year of renovation , maintaining the original style of the building. Now it has become one of the 40 rooms available Hostelling International.

Hostels are small but perfectly formed accommodation . Not beautiful , no, it is limited to Send field , through counter, a small department of dining and entertainment went to court , only to find that it was a courtyard where the three main housing , each having two or three floors , standard rooms have attached bathrooms and parking for a total of four to six people .

The open courtyard and put the two best tables chairs, customers like the evening to gather around him, smoked beer drinking , we see mainly speak of the family, different places, travel experiences exchange , travel, and affordable affordable housing and information on attractions. Although each of the seven seas (can not say that all the corners) , but also speculative , we set up, sometimes a big sound , there are lively discussions , but also laugh, I like to see stay on key and be heard, may pleasure.

Sakon around the door to the inn has a small restaurant, with rice, noodles, fried pickles , fried dumplings , buns steamed , Mala, lamb ...... a small family of three stages, a big step , but fifty eight stores each family menus are similar, in which lived a long time headache deciding what to eat, eat .

Location: the Forbidden City , Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Great Hall , the pedestrian Dashanlan Liulichang Culture Street Hostel in the door just three minutes walk from the metro station , the hostel many important historical sites. Tourist Information: Guest House offers tours of the Great Wall, Peking Opera , acrobatics , martial arts , tickets and other travel services. Near the hostel there are many specialty restaurants in Beijing, if you do not want to go , welcome to Western specialties hostel you can enjoy . You can benefit from free Wi -Fi , and equipped with a lounge bar, a DVD room . We can help you burn the disc, to ensure that your memories safe driving. Hostel 24 hours a day, non-smoking room , a smoking area.


Room price :

 360 yuan / night -1700 yuan / night (price is for reference)


1, 9 companies in the West Railway Station , the bus down Qianmen west of the house , about 500 meters.

2 , the airport, the Beijing Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, the subway can take you to the Qianmen station about 500 meters from the hostel.

3, a taxi from the airport to the hostel costs about $ 100 directly .

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