mardi 18 mars 2014

"Courtyard " Beijing Zhong Tang Hotel

"Courtyard " Beijing Zhong Tang Hotel

As a representative of the ancient hutongs and civic culture Beijing courtyard , as many foreign tourists doświadczyćstary Beijing life must see. In Beijing Xicheng four northern two small alley , jestwyłącznym quiet little courtyard, called the " nave Inn " , which became sięsławny " court " themed hotel .

Pressure for inn , such as history, rich Chinese style made ​​this little vestibule decorated with both warm and comfortable. Low-key but without losing the whole hall calm colors , is on the door jestszklana gloss wall screen , the top screen on the wall hangs a wooden plaque with the inscription " room " three characters on both sides of " suspicious passengers Xianting step change , tired of lying Hidaka spring night. "

Between the court and the garden are connected special hospitality passes , saying that the altar as jestświątynią traditional Chinese culture. Tables and chairs in brown , one for paper cutting, Chinese red lanterns and the Peking Opera , emitting a strong odor of old Beijing . Integrated in the door storage relapse auspicious verses attached to columns , a masterpiece , and pictures hanging in the room , set the wise old saying , mining famous ancient and modern, elegant, in every possible way . Sitting on a chair , the taste is not the taste jestdobry . It is near the North Sea , Shichahai , looked visible White Pagoda Temple courtyard looks a bit old Beijing courtyard in the historical and cultural museum .

Zhongtang only 17 rooms , but single rooms, standard rooms, all different intimate luxury. According to the introduction Jiao Lei , B & B rooms are equipped with private bathroom , LCD TV , the broadband wireless also includes court , business center , coffee shop, bar jujube must not be the same shortage of modern amenities. Press the red , wooden doors , traditional incense he said . Look through the bamboo curtains , pavilions , buildings looming in the pomegranate tree leaf yellowing . , Furnished in accordance with the principle of restoration of the old Beijing courtyard , a large white wall try to use a minimum of colors, pretty Chinese painting techniques in ink .

Xicheng , Beijing West Fourth North , Dec. 2 ( West Fourth store Shuaifu )
Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing No. 192 ( Wangjing )

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