mardi 11 mars 2014

The most distinctive Hostel Beijing

The most distinctive Hostel Beijing

In Beijing, there are a number of hotels and other looks different. They are old, scattered in a section of the old alley in the old city, mostly built by the courtyard renovation; their beautiful, isolated from the bustle of the city alley, quiet tranquil environment was refreshing, comfortable full; their characteristics, the ubiquitous Chinese charm and old Beijing hutong culture lives side by side; their trendy, youth audience, it also attracts a large number of backpackers from around the world to visit. ALICE more from here for Beijing this ancient and young city, is here to make friends, to share the joy of travel.

Beijing P.LOFT LOFT Youth Hostel is located in the famous Lama rear. Alley are ordinary people. Here formerly the prison armory and factories. Now, this is Beijing's first truly International Youth Hostel has a "loft" style.

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